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Do you dream of being a published author?
Make your dream a reality.

The first step you must take is to have your first draft of your manuscript, or you can come to us with the idea for your book and we can help you map it out to make your writing process easier.

Next, take your second and most important step. Work with Daisy May Publishing and let us make it easy and enjoyable for you.

Your vision of your published book is unique and should be treated as such. Daisy May Publishing understands this, and offers realistic and practical methods to suit your individual needs.

We will guide you, every step of the way.

Daisy May Publishing cares for every client with the utmost consideration. Publish on Demand packages are discussed and assessed with individual needs. This will assist us to create the most cost effective products for our clients.

We have the answers to your questions…

• How do I get started in getting my manuscript published?
• How do I get it to look like a beautiful book?
• Do I need a professional editor and a graphic designer?
• Where and how do I find an illustrator?
• What about the legalities;
   such as copyright, ISBN, CIP, and bar codes?
• How do I find a reliable printer?
• How long does it take?
• How much is it going to cost?
• What are the best ways to market my book?

First-time consultations are free with no obligations.

Comments by some of our clients:

Daisy May Publishing are dream guide professionals. Making my writings that I dreamed of sharing with others a reality. They held my hand into this unknown territory to make my dream come true. I suggest anyone wanting to make their dream of publishing their book trust the professionals at Daisy May!

God Bless
Debbie Quigley – Author of “Winds of Time”

My experience with Daisymay Publishing has been enlightening to say the least. I have reached goals that I once thought where unattainable. With her dedication and professionalism she has aided me in my publication process. Forever grateful,

Omar de los Santos – Author of “What Will Become of US?”

I would DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone. She was in contact with me EVERY step of the way. Since this was my very first book I was nervous of being taken advantage off, or swindled out of my dream. Pauline at Daisy May is a hard-working woman, who takes our dream and makes it a reality.

Vicki Virzi –Author of “Help Save the Environment”

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