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Comments from Students and Parents

Ms Pauline was very helpful and once I got there I really enjoyed it. I really loved the book signing event!

Nick H. - Author of “Nick’s Time Machine”
Book Signing at Storybook Gardens, London, ON
-- Nick, Braxton, Matthew

I think the most wonderful thing about the Young Authors Workshop is Pauline Cormier. Pauline sees the potential in every child and instills a sense of confidence in them. She encourages them to tell their stories with words and pictures, guiding them and teaching them valuable skills in writing, illustrating, publishing, promoting and selling a book! This was a wonderful experience for our son, Nick, and our entire family. We are so grateful to have met Pauline.


Daisy May publishing is great! On the very first day I got everything I needed. I was accepted by everyone and was shown the basics of a picture book. When I started the nicest person in the whole world, Mrs. Pauline, helped me with everything I needed. I always enjoyed coming back to class the next week. In the end, I finished all of my book and after a week of looking things over with Mrs. Pauline it was sent to the editor. next were the pictures. Mrs. Pauline touch them up and sent them away. Finally, I made the last call to send my book to the printer. A week later I got the news my books were ready, and a book signing was planned. The book signing was so much fun and I would happily do it again. I am so glad I took this course and I would like to recommend it to anyone who is interested. It is the best!

Matthew E. – The Magical Book
Book Signing at Storybook Gardens,London, ON
Matthew E.

This course was fantastic! My son was very nervous at first but 'Mrs Pauline' was wonderful. She gave us a tour on the first night and introduced us to all the steps the students would be going through in order to complete a book. All the materials were provided. The students had to do all their own work including writing, editing and drawing the pictures. Mrs Pauline provided the guidance and encouragement. My son loved the classes and met some new people. The book signing was a wonderful way to introduce him to the skill of approaching people and selling yourself. What a wonderful experience from start to finish. Thanks 'Mrs. Pauline' for such a wonderful opportunity. I hope others take advantage of this great course!


Dear Pauline,
You made me feel comfortable and included.
You encouraged me to always try my best
and supported me throughout the course!

Lauren. S. - Author of “Remember Me”
Book Signing at Covent Gardens, London, ON
Lauren S.

Dear Pauline,
The experience of writing, illustrating and having a book published was awesome, Lauren really enjoyed the course! Your patience and mentoring that you provided Lauren helped her in taking responsibility for her work and that will stay with her as she continues on with her writing. The book signing event that you arranged at the Market was a fantastic experience for Lauren and the other students.

Thank you very much
--The Shapiro Family

"When I first started the workshop, I felt shy but when I found out a friend would be joining me, I was thrilled. After only one class, I had an idea for my story line and Ms. Pauline loved it and helped me develop it further. I feel proud of myself and I hope other children can take this class and feel that way too!"

--Julia D.
Author of - “Karrisa, Kent and The Lost Shoe”
Seaforth Library

"Our daughter, Julia, is not that interested in traditional team sports and that left us limited in our rural community. She has always been interested in writing and drawing. She was constantly writing her own books, using up all our computer printer paper, stapling it together and leaving homemade books at our local library for other children to read. I started asking around about creative writing workshops and was so excited to get a referral to Daisy May Publishing from another happy parent. We signed up in the hopes of building on Julia's natural gifts and talents, and we were blown away when she ended up publishing a book at 8 years old. It seems her journey in writing may have just begun. Thank you!"

--Lisa (mom)

To Whom It May Concern

Pauline's passion for working with young students and leading them through the complicated stages of creation and production, resulting in the achievement of publishing their work of fiction, is tremendous. I have watched her produce competent readers and turn disinterested students into avid writers.

Yours Sincerely
R.N. Whitehead PhD
Chief Executive Officer Oxford Learning Centres
747 Hyde Park Rd., Suite 230
London, Ontario Canada N6H 3S3

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To Whom It May Concern:

Pauline Cormier is a lady of impeccable character and skills and I recommend her without reservation to parents, children, clients and anyone who will have to conduct any business with her

Dr. Saadia Hameed MD CFPC
Owned by the St. Joseph's Health Care Society.
Affiliated with the University of Western Ontario.

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